Monday, September 12, 2011

Back Home From Blighty

Hello Spring! So nice to see you here! Just back from England, the land of Sunny Spells...hearing a weather forecaster saying this on the UK News never gets old.

How about those Oven Bottom Muffins up North...oh I love saying that...and the timeless experience of a seaside summer airshow...Lots of heart-warming reunions and happy memories and the most fun and cutest travel partner - thank you Ruby Two Shoes who lapped up all the attention and has obviously inherited her parent’s spirit of adventure.

There were castles and cobblestones, garden parties and lovely dinners, celebrating and shopping and yes a rather alcoholic hens night (rule #1 - all drinks will come in tiny glasses and be thrown down in seconds) and for the finale a wedding with the most beautiful bride,

and the most stressful drive en route of my life - Damn you horrific horrible road..the M25!

Have you tried putting on a fascinator at the correct angle using only a rear vision mirror and then racing up the shoulder as you can NOT spend another minute NOT moving when you are 3 miles from the wedding exit and the Sat Nav is taunting you with your estimated arrival time? I am afraid I led a new anarchy in the UK when every daring driver followed me with a similar thought - why are we wasting our lives in this car not moving when there is a 'lane' of escape right there?

I had that fascinator on and nothing was stopping me...not that Dartford Crossing, Bank Holiday Traffic or gridlock on the M25...My fake eyelashes were applied with shaky hands in the car much to the amusement of truck drivers in the next lane..Hey we were going nowhere! That lovely hotel room mirror was way beyond this traffic jam and not on the schedule according to that hated Sat Nav arrival time estimate, which just counts up and in cases such as this should come with some kind of Epic tense music.

To my husband in bed trying to guide me through Google London Traffic in the middle of the night and calming my nerves - you were amazing and to the beautiful bride - you were a vision of loveliness after that claustrophobic 5 1/2 hours stuck in that car..That first glass of champagne tasted amazing and the fascinator remarkably was angled correctly.

I love that the Sun or in this case Sunny Spells always happen at just the right moments at weddings - in a kind of biblical blessing on the biggest day of someone’s life. The happiness glowing off the happy couple as the world has stopped and it’s just them and all that love them gathered around.

Wedding speeches are my favourite - we are all caught up in this love story, it’s all so lovely and funny and charming and tear inducing and just so beautiful inside a gorgeously romantic Tythe Barn which has stood here since the 1600's.

The wedding dance was another love story in itself and shouldn't every good wedding party end with the Bride and Groom being lifted skyward supported by all their friends crowd surfing in a Tythe Barn? What a party - there was even impromptu break dancing and a circle of love finale surrounding them as we all danced and hugged to the sounds of - was it Oasis?..Anyway it was perfect and so British and I was so lucky to be a part of this magical celebration - a long way away from my hill in Noosa...

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