Sunday, November 13, 2011

Would you pay for a fish to eat your the name of beauty?

Normally here I am sharing life's beautiful things but there is just something I can't get my head around...

People are paying money for the princess (!) like feeling of putting their feet in a tank of Garra Rufa fish in a now popular salon treatment called the Fish Pedicure.

Garra Rufa fish feast on the dead skin on your feet, tickling you as they nibble away...the results are apparently amazingly soft skin with fish pedicure salons as common now as your popular nail bar all across Asia, Europe, the USA and now the UK. The fish get fed and your feet get exfoliated...

Does this look like something you would like to experience? Something you would actually pay to have done?

No...I'm just can't make this look glamorous!

Well millions are! Including one member of my family in England, although my Aunt does say "No, I don't do the fish nibbling feet thing anymore...”

This bizarre sentence over a glass of wine prompted a confused response from me. Soon enough I was aware of this shocking new craze in the name of beauty or call it life experience. I had entered the alarming world of the fish pedicure. There it was online - images to shock me everywhere. After my laughter died down - I just still couldn't believe it was true...

So now I am wondering if I am in the minority who find this discovery hysterically funny and then frankly, well just completely gross...

What do you think has the world gone mad?

I know women suffer in the name of beauty...I believe in the opposite however and prefer a more holistic pampered approach called a day spa...

If I could I would follow the quest for inner and outer beauty with a week long retreat of spa treatments, Zen food and the hills of Byron at Gaia Retreat and Spa - one day please...

Pedicure's are my special treat in Sydney was to be pampered in the art deco heaven of the pedicure room at the gorgeous Gillian Adams Spa in leafy of the North Shores secret well loved spots.

A pedicure followed by a gourmet lunch with the girls in the perfectly manicured sunny courtyard... feels like a week’s holiday and you could easily imagine that perhaps you and your perfectly manicured toes were actually sipping your glass of wine in Provence...

Unfortunately he is not guaranteed to be in the hydrotherapy pool when you visit...

This week I am looking forward to checking out the famous Noosa Balinese inspired retreat...the Ikatan Day Spa in Doonan and there will be no flesh eating fish....maybe just a frangipani floating in the water - the way the world should be..

For now our laws are the only thing stopping the Fish Pedicure salon experience from popping up in every local shopping centre here. Garra Rufa fish, are exported from Turkey and are prohibited to be imported into Australia.

In some states of the USA, fish pedicure's have been banned. This is due to the hygiene risks involved with, well, how do you sterilise a fish that just sucked on someone else’s feet? Not to mention the waste products of someone else’s dead skin passed through the fish in your tank later...ok, enough said.

So nothing in my foot spa except a frangipani please!

My idea of a perfect pedicure via Ikatan Balinese Day Spa

To indulge in a much more glamorous and indulgent experience...with no fishy friends involved...

When in Noosa spoil yourself at the Ikatan Day Spa at

46 Grays Road,
Doonan Queensland
Tel - (07) 5471 1199

In Byron Bay find your own personal Utopian Sanctuary in the Hills (as close to heaven as it gets) at the Gaia Retreat and Spa

933 Fernleigh Road
Brooklet, NSW, Australia
Tel - (02) 6687 1216

When in Sydney indulge at the temple that is known as the Gillian Adams Day Spa

1356 Pacific Highway
Sydney NSW 2074
Tel - (02) 9488 9944

SO - have you tried a fish pedicure? Do you like the idea? If you are local do you wish we had these in Australia or are you as shocked as me?!

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