Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Red Canyon - Noosa North Shore

We have been exploring this great Southern Land. Truth is we didn’t have to go far but it looks like we went all the way to Ayers Rock. This devastatingly beautiful place is part of the wildness and beauty of Noosa’s North Shore.

A small trip on the car ferry across the mangrove and tea-tree lined Noosa River and you enter a whole different world from Hasting Streets cosmopolitan lifestyle. This is the gateway to Noosa’s North Shore, the Great Sandy National Park and a world which is wild, untamed and free. A short drive along and you can forget about roads, here is where you can drive at low tide on the sand known to the locals as the much loved favourite 40 Mile Beach Road.

The freedom to drive along the wild coastline next to the pounding surf of the Coral Sea is pure magic. This wide open space of beach links the gorgeous Noosa with the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island. Get the tide right and you can drive all the way to Rainbow Beach where the ferry to the island departs.

Along this magnificent wide open beach look out for the intriguing sign Red Canyon and see the gash of red carved into the cliffs. This gorgeous place is a whole another world. Suddenly you are thrown into a different landscape which could be straight from out of space. The stunning coloured sands suddenly transport you to the red desert centre of Australia and that mystical giant Uluru. This is the closest spot you will find in Australia similar to that natural wonder and it is just here on the stretch known as Teewah Beach.

The coloured sands are a gorgeous, rusty, vivid red not formed of rock but coloured sand and clay and the colour is so vibrant and sudden that it stops you in your tracks. This place is breathtaking - a photographers dream.

The canyon is awesome, creating a gorge that you can explore. There are crevices to hide in. Views of the azure sea from climbing up high and best of all for my tribe of adventurers, there is fun to be had sliding down the immense sandy walls.

For my Boy Scout this is a magical place and could this adventure have got any better after driving on outstretched freedom, over the beach. He lead his little troop up mountains to explore. They popped up all over the place – to him it’s a landscape straight out of Star Wars and they giggled and shrieked sliding down the canyon walls. Ruby Two Shoes followed the clan digging her hands into the amazing red earth to follow them. Climbing the walls they explored their own personal outback or far off planet - wherever their imagination took them.

This landscape is straight out of the heart of Australia. This vivid canyon a secret along a stretch of coastline of light coloured sand, grasses and sea. It is moments like these, finding places, like this, you think sometimes the nature of this gorgeous world just has to be seen to be believed.

So now whenever I feel like a wilder escape I am going to head with my little 4wd and go for a drive on my new favourite local road…

Cooloola National Park is just across the water at Noosa North Shore. The Ferry crosses at Tewantin and costs just $6. Then just a short drive and you are off on your own beach safari. This stretch of beach links Noosa with the World Heritage Listed Fraser Island. Get the tide right and this is the fastest and most rewarding way to get to the top of the Sunshine Coast – Rainbow Beach, where ferries depart to the Island. This sandy straight should be explored at Low Tide.....

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