Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wild Horses at Rainbow Beach

What could be more romantic than the idea of wild horses? My childhood fantasy has come true. There are wild horses at Rainbow Beach.

There are signs in my new home I never tire of seeing - warning signs for Kangaroos are everywhere. A particular favorite warns motorists to watch for echidnas, but now...the best sign ever encountered - a yellow road sign with a picture of a galloping riderless horse. A warning sign to watch out for wild horses? No! Driving north of Noosa en route to Rainbow Beach, I could not quite believe my eyes, but there it was.

The rest of the drive my mind raced at this astounding discovery and my eyes scanned the countryside for a sight of a herd of wild horses running through the hills...

So I told you there are Deer, but how about wild horses? Talk about dreams come true.

For the locals of Rainbow Beach, they may not all share my enthusiasm. The horses have been known to wander the main street, have even nearly galloped into bike riding children and there is of course no owner cleaning up their..well you know what I mean. But people..seriously? Does anyone else remember The Man From Snowy River? What signifies anyones ideas of freedom more than a magnificent wild horse? Who doesn't love the idea of taming a wild stallion or just the gorgeousness of seeing wild free horses roam on a beautiful beach?

There are currently two herds visiting Rainbow Beach, but how many are there in the countryside around? Two mares spotted are pregnant and some locals are worried the numbers will continue to escalate but the tourists and backpackers love these four legged visitors and me...well I have a new dream...

What could be more romantic or crazy than adopting a wild horse or two or a wild horse in foal? I have always wanted to break in a horse..but a wild horse, well, that's an adventure on its own and then to raise and train it's foal..

Now I find out there are thousands of wild horses in Australia and the most humane way of controlling their number is through adoption. Save the Brumbies is an organisation that rescues wild horses from possible culling by authorities This organisation operates a sanctuary and enables people to adopt these magnificent wild horses.

If you have the land available, adopt a herd and have them run free in your own hills. What a beautiful idea..solo horses can't be adopted. They must have a mate and yes, you can adopt a mare in foal..


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