Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Pull a Carrot - Or Not To & A London Adventure

We have carrots! This city girl grew carrots and they didn't fork. I had no idea what that meant when I heard it could happen..but they didn't! Perfect beautiful carrots pulled from our soil! The excitement of pulling them out was slightly marred by the fact that we werent quite sure how to...

Just think? They didn't budge! Much to the amusement of my 95 year old grandmother sitting in a rocking chair next to the vege patch and the expectant looks on my little girls - that carrot was stuck! We dug and broke the first one in the ground - but by carrot three we were on a roll and held our beautiful treasure up in the sun to cheers and our amazement that we created this! Never has a carrot looked so beautiful! A golden moment shared by all of us - the joy of our first carrot harvest was only beaten by the scrumptious prize of eating beautiful roasted carrots for dinner!

We have sown more seeds and planted more blooms and can i just say how much I would rather add to the garden that perform housework! The garden will just get better and better, where as the house will be a hurricane of toys and chaos in well..probably less than an hour..

So here is to more harvesting adventures and beautiful blooms and hmm..maybe some chickens

Note to husband - PLEASE WATER THE PATCH! This girl has plans a little farther away.......

I am off to see not so nearest but very dearest for a few weeks of fabulous reunions, English Countryside & something rather special in Surrey....

What is more lovely than the thought of a wedding of two wonderful people you care so much about and to share their magical moment with flowers, champagne and a fabulous purple feathered fascinater! An English country wedding and sure to be in our eyes the real English wedding of the year and there has been some big competition! So off to wander some cobblestones, introduce Ruby Two Shoes to the other side of the world and have a rather grand old English adventure. I still would rather like to be allowed to try and catch the bouquet! Especially if it looks this pretty! Think I can grow these when I get back home to Noosa? Think my deserted husband will water the garden?

See you in a few weeks when I find out! I am off to pack that fascinator and enjoy some English Summer. See you and my garden in Spring! Oh and if anyone has any lovely tips for flying non stop(!) to London with a 20 month old feel free to share...!

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