Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Coolest Hotel on the Gold Coast - QT Hotel - Even a Noosa Girl has to Escape

Even a Noosa Girl has to escape sometimes..The Gold Coast was calling - time to celebrate our Little Man's 10'th Birthday with some Movie World, Sea World fun. On my hit list was a stay at a shiny new art house designer hotel - a weekend to make everyone happy!

QT Hotel is the the newest, coolest kid on the block on the Gold Coast, QLD...referred to by QT as 'The Golden Coast''s all in the packaging and this baby is all shiny, funky and retro cool..

This is the first in a line of new modern art hotels to be rolled out around Australia and it is a hub of playful, chic creativity. Whatever your reason to holiday in the Golden Coast - family adventure, glam weekend with the girls or grown up couples could have it all in this hotel...

Step into the Lobby and you find yourself in the open planned designed 'greeting space', set against a wall of glass. Choose your pick from an array of eclectic modern seating arrangements. It's such a gorgeous space, filed with light, design and colour. Straight away you are feeling the vibe of QT and feeling the love, just wanting to hang out and take it all in.

QT is relaxed...totally unpretentious. It just knows it's cool and doesn't have to try. The attentive & smiling staff make you feel right at home. This is a hotel which has found just the right balance between funky and glamorous.

A digital art installation adds to the art house electric cool with a constantly changing view of colour and light.

Relaxed seating enjoyed by Master 10

It's all in the quirky details at QT and there are so many to enjoy and consider. Fixx Cafe & Lounge with it's gorgeous feature wall of colour offers a light breakfast or lunch and a candy store array of sweets and desserts to choose from.

LOVE this wall...Can we try this at home?

Room service comes with a smile and converse trainers and if you feel like a view with your bar snacks, enjoy the greenery as you chill out in The Lawn chill out space. How cool is this? It's the ultimate sunken playground lounge to relax with cocktails soaking up the atmosphere and planning your evenings adventures...

My pick would be the innovative Bazaar restaurant just upstairs - with Executive Chef George Francisco, previously of the critically acclaimed Dish in Newport, Sydney & Chef Hatted restaurant Jonahs at Whale Beach, where for a set price you enjoy a mosaic of dishes on your gastronomic journey with each dish's chef as your guide.

Should Japanese be your thing try Yamagen -Sushi & Teppanyaki Restaurant and then enjoy smooth cocktails at the QT Bar - Stingray - the nightlife hotspot for hotel guests and locals..Its lounge bar hip with a touch of Miami.. no need to leave the hotel looking for the most happening bar...

There is also the Qtique to explore...gorgeous things to take home or a rubiks cube to eclectic mix of quirky necessities... just walk past the floating balls

(tell Master 10 not to play with them..)

A gorgeous day can be spent simply lying by the outdoor pool - think Hamptons meets Miami. It could be a complete holiday just in the playground of QT Hotel - but yes those Theme Parks are out there if you are travelling with children and may I suggest you definitely need this hotel to make the balance just right for you! My kids loved QT - the playful modern design made for a fun backdrop to the holiday. If this is an adults only adventure then just order another cocktail and relax by that pool!

QT has just opened their newly refurbished rooms which I can't wait to try out...promising again a new standard of cool design, quirky details and luxe finishes...

The QT Day Spa will open December 2011...a must for the perfect girls weekend escape...I am declaring this hotel my official Gold Coast Digs. This is the future of hotels and is definitely putting the 'Golden Coast' on the map!

Find QT Hotel at 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD
Bookings can be made through the QT Hotel website or telephone 1800 074 020

Bazaar Restaurant often books out in advance for dinner so reservations are recommended -for bookings call 755841200

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The mystery of the romantic tree carving at the top of Mount Coolum...Did Aprill say yes?

Recently we followed our spirit of adventure and went on a mission to climb Mount Coolum. I’m planning on climbing everything around here and taking in every gorgeous view.

Mount Coolum is a 208 metre high towering giant of volcanic rock standing guard over the coastline, with an easily accessible track to the summit. A little more challenging than I had imagined at times with a five year old in tow.

Miss Ruby two shoes found it easier carried by her dad in a backpack. He must have enjoyed the impressed looks by other climbers. It's a long way up this mountain and clambering over rocks is enough without a baby on your back. Sliding down on the sandy path it was also a little startling looking at just how high we had brought Team Rowe.

Once you reach the summit it's all worth it with a 360 degree view to enjoy. The plateau on top is perfect for an adventurous mini Bear Grylls to explore or for the romantic writer to find a story on a mountaintop, which leads me to..'The mystery of the romantic tree carving at the top of Mount Coolum'

Marry Me Aprill - Dated 2011

So who is Aprill? Did she say yes? Dried red rose petals were still evident under the tree. I love thinking of this girl’s surprise and that this romantic man had earlier climbed the mountain to carve his labour of love. Was he eagerly dragging her up the hill heart beating fast so excited for her to see his proposal or was he sweating, feeling slightly nervous at the thought of what if she! What a long awkward walk down that mountain...

Did they both skip down telling all the passing climbers their happy news? Will they take the climb on anniversaries? Had he also hidden up there a bottle of champagne? It got me thinking of romantic proposals and magic unexpected spots people have been propositioned in...The amazing preparation taken by some romantic prince charming and let’s hope they kept up this arduous spirit of romance throughout their married life. If you start that well, you really need to continue...

There is a beautiful Aboriginal dreamtime story about the love affair of the young warrior Coolum & beautiful Maroochy. This imposing majestic giant is actually the headless Coolum turned into stone. His bride to be cried so much her tears turned into the Maroochy River and she turned into a swan to search for his soul. Let's hope this new love affair has a happier ending.

Looking over the cane fields, the wetlands and the ocean on this sleeping giant dating back 26 million years is a memory to savour - even without a magical moment promising forever on its peak...

Does anyone have any wildly romantic proposals they would like to share? Like this one on a stark isolated great dome overlooking the ocean. Does anyone know Aprill & if she said yes?

Over 100 keen hikers of all ages and abilities climb Mount Coolum every day. Conservationists are interested at limiting the amount of climbers and would definitely not look favourably on this romantic graffiti. At least it was hopefully a onetime offence.

Find the path to climb the mountain from the car park on Tanah Street West and the steep incline begins about a third of the way up.

The best time to attempt the climb is early morning or late afternoon.

Make sure you look out for the majestic Peregrine Falcon soaring above...or maybe even a swan...

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Dramatic Makeover...well if its good enough for Angelina!

Kooshka at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

I decided to do something dramatic and I thought I would share with you here! After a lifetime of blonde hair...and yes, as long and as blonde as hair can be, I decided to turn brunette. The idea came from my daughter who wished her fairskinned; green eyed mother would just slightly resemble her olive skinned, brown eyed, brunette self. Thank you Husband for those exotic looking strong genes!

Well you know what they say - out of the mouths of babes.. Maybe it was time for a change? Maybe this wasn't a crazy idea? The last impulsive bold decision to move my family to Noosa was a winner so hey, my instincts were good so far!

But who should I trust to help me with this plan? This was a bold colour change and I needed someone talented with colour. I was aiming for a reddish brunette which would work with fair skin and green eyes...not too ginger, definitely not pink, nor any other possibly alarming mistake shade that could so easily happen when travelling from the light to the dark side...

Luckily I chose well! I had heard great things about Daniella Saville - a sassy gorgeous New Yorker who is Salon Owner and Master Stylist of Kooshka Hair Salon in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Now if you were going to go brunette or look after your brunette wouldn’t you want Angelina Jolie's Hairdresser from the set of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith? Well meet Daniella! Hollywood hair - a la Angelina? Yes please - I can hear people running for the salon now!

Danielle is a legend of colour chemistry. It was pure magic how she brought to life the exact colour I was hoping for and I loved how she was as enthusiastic about this hair adventure as me! This is a dedicated artist of hair who is so entertaining I barely read my magazine! The whole salon experience was indulgent, relaxing & a lot of fun. The team at Kooshka are fabulous whether offering you an Ipad, Jasmine Tea with honey served in a bowl sized vintage cup, glass(es) of wine or ordering out for heavenly risotto from their neighbouring restaurant. Nothing was too much trouble in this salon..Oh and did I mention the Italian massage chairs at the basin?

My look was completed with a complimentary makeover using the YOUNGBLOOD cosmetics available in salon (Thank you Josh!)...voila this sunny blonde was turned into a brunette femme fatale. I loved being a blonde and never thought I would change! Now I am so glad I also know just how fun it is to be brunette!

It's a whole new adventure - and a dramatic change in appearance. Thank you Kooshka for such a memorable adventure and can I please recommend anyone who is thinking of making a dramatic colour change to go for it, and anyone local who wants fabulous hair or a new look to go see Daniella!

You'll feel like a movie star!

I love it and haven't cried over my lost blonde locks once! Don't you just love how an impulsive idea can change your appearance or even where you live for the rest of your life? Listen to your instincts and step out of the box!

What do you think?

From Blonde...

...To Brunette!

You can find Daniella Saville at Kooshka Hair + Fashion Salon
Shop 1 / 20 Brisbane Road
Mooloolaba Qld
T: 5444 7715
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