Monday, May 23, 2011

Wild Deer in Noosa

There are Wild Deer in Noosa. Am I the only one astonished by this fact?

Wild Deer are just not something we take for granted in this part of the globe. Kangaroo’s, Koala’s, echidna’s, platypus. These may seem strange to foreigners but what is strange for me is - wild deer. But yes - I am in Queensland and there are deer. What could possibly happen next?

I discovered this mind blowing news in the local property paper. A story of a Tinbeerwah, Noosa Valley local who, recalling her favourite moments on her property, shared a tale of a Christmas lunch.

Can you imagine this moment? A table of relaxed and overstuffed visitors, enjoying the tropical heat on a very Australian Christmas Day. Taking in the view over wine and conversation when magically on cue, Deer stroll across the lawn. I am sure their first thought was wine/heat.. am I experiencing some kind of Christmas hallucination? Then shock and joy at the unbelievable in front of their eyes. This must have been one of those magic moments which will stay in their minds forever and oft be remembered on every Christmas day to come. A very successful festive meal! I am sure this tale will help get her a premium price for her property. I wonder why on earth she wants to move from such a magic spot. How much does one pay to enjoy a gorgeous alfresco lunch with a view of rolling hills, mystical Mount Tinbeerwah and deer grazing on Christmas Day? Oh and did I mention 15 minutes to Noosa beach?

Climbing Mount Tinbeerwah at sunset yesterday, we were enthralled by 360 degree views of Noosa and her gorgeous valleys and hinterland. The volcanic mountains and lush greenery gave it a Lord of the Rings otherworldly magic and I once again thought of those deer. It was breathtaking looking over our new home. A place so rich in nature and unspoilt. A place I knew was full of kangaroos, Koala’s and snakes. A view that also contained the hidden mystical wild deer!

I am surprised to learn that like those Toady invaders – the Cane Toad, the Deer are now not a completely loved and treasured addition to the landscape. What was a gift to the people from Queen Victoria and actually features on the Queensland Coat of Arms are now numbering up to 20,000 and declared a pest!

Residents in Brisbane's outer western suburbs regularly see deer wandering on roads. They say they cause accidents, wreck their gardens and fences and damage native vegetation.

I’ll guess I’ll be a real native Queenslander when I am heard to say.. hmm..those pesky deer have ruined my garden!

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