Monday, May 30, 2011

The Tender Shed

There is a place, an old tin shed, just up the road from here. Mysteriously called the Tender Shed. It is my favourite place.

Sale now on - said the banner on a country road. But this was more than just a sale. Inside this huge dusty cavern is a treasure trove of peoples past loves, treasures and junk. When we first stumbled into this Auction house my heart started beating faster as you do when you can feel a love affair beginning. The possibilities were endless. There in front of us were mountains of stuff, literally stacked to the ceiling. With no fixed price!

I can now pronounce I have fallen completely in love with a tin shed in Doonan. It's not a holiday romance either. Each week I visit my now old friend - enjoying the possibilities hidden inside.

It's definitely a romantic visit. There is an element of fate added to the equation as soon as you enter the doors. Almost like what is waiting in the dark dusty cavern has just been waiting hidden in a corner just for you.

The Tender Shed is a beautiful concept involving suprise, instant gratification and bargain hunting. What is not to love?

It is an Auction that runs all the time. Each item has a lot number, you look up that number on a big board in the middle of the shed or folder on the front desk. A game my 9 year old son enjoys. Then if you decide to bid, the lovely lady behind the counter telephones the owner of the goods. If the Gods are on your side and the cheeky offer is accepted - out you walk with the treasure you didn't even know you needed or were about to find.

In our case - we had a half empty house on a nearby hill and were looking for answers. If we hadn't moved here, I wouldn't have found the furniture that I will treasure in our family for the rest of our lives. Beautiful pieces that come together in our room like long lost friends. Rescued for a ridiculous price.

So this magical barn can be a love affair for others too. I'd like to share the joy. You never know what might have turned up this week. It might be just what you were looking for. Whether it is a retro neon desk for a studious 9 yr old scholar or a vintage suitcase to be reborn as the home of Fairy Princess daughter's dress up collection.

My love affair has spiralled into a loving obsession. When I walk around my new lounge room enjoying the carvings of my rescued antique Indian coffee table or put flowers from the garden on the elegantly beautiful English Oak dresser, I think lovingly of that wonderful shed of untold treasure and wonder when I might pay another visit....

The Tender Shed can be found at 677 Eumundi-Noosa Road, Doonan, QLD

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