Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Noosa just got a whole lot hotter..Cuban Night at Bistro C

So Noosa has been declared the Riviera of Australia. European chic and  international with an abundance of Parisian cafe chairs. Well now you can add a whole new flavour to the mix. How would you like a slice of Cuba with your cocktails on a Wednesday night? Head for Bistro C & treat yourself to a Tie Me Down cocktail and see the hottest Cuban salsa dancers... trust me - it's hot, hot, hot and transports Noosa to a sizzling Latino world.

Perfect for a girls night out, although I'm sure conversation will stop when a certain male dancer takes to the floor. For couples it's a chance to get lost in your own lambada world, even the waiters were swinging their hips between tables, with ours flashing a grin & apology of - 'I just can't help it..I'm Cuban!' If you can help it,  just sit back & indulge in dinner and drink the spicy, Latino atmosphere in. Get there early to catch up over dinner, the music & dancing start at 7.30pm...

Noosa + Cuba + Ubercool Chic Styling of Bistro C = LOVE

You can find Bisto C Restaurant & Bar on the beachfront at Main beach overlooking Laguna Bay -  49 Hastings St, Noosa Ph- 5447 2845 or visit their website here.

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