Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dreamy Photo Shoots - When Art & Music Collide

I have completely fallen in love with these dreamy images of local musical duo, He Said She Said, created by talented photographer and artist, Tracy Naughton. More recently still, I was blown away by her gorgeous portrait of artist Evangeline Cachinero as Frida Kahlo.

Tracy was lovely enough to talk to me about her work and these stunning shots on the eve of her next show RIDE - a creative fusion of art & live music...

Tracy..these images of musical duo, He Said She Said are hauntingly beautiful. Did you come up with the location and styling yourself?

Thank you! I did style and find the location myself. I love the vintage look and brought the props and one of the dresses Ayla was wearing to suit the mood and vision I had in my head. Ayla & Michael came dressed for the shoot which turned out to be perfect as well - then we got Ayla into the dress I bought her for a variation. Both styles worked so well and they are such lovely people, it just made the shoot just flow so easily.

Recently you have been working increasingly more with musicians and artists, creating some powerful images. You seem to enjoy capturing the spirit and mood of musicians in your work. Is this something you see yourself doing more of in the future?

I would love to do more work with bands as I have a big affinity to music. It inspires me in many ways, so to be able to surround myself with things that I love is very rewarding.

Is it instinctive how to portray your subject? Does it come from way you see them or the message you feel from their music or art?

Yes definitely. I have ideas of how I see them and discuss it beforehand obviously to make sure it suits their vision also. I think the thing that makes it work is involving the artists as well and making sure they are happy in the outcome.

How important is the link between art and music to you?

The link between art & music for me is basically a blurred line, they go hand in hand like cheese & crackers. Musicians are artists that need conceptual art in some form to promote their product. When I'm creating, I am endlessly inspired by music, so it's a seamless bond.

The intoxicating shoot you did recently with artist, Evangeline Cachinero styled as Frida Kahlo must be a favourite of yours! Was the concept to use portraits of iconic artists as inspiration your idea?

Yes this was my idea, Van had posted something online about when you Google Spanish artists her name is linked to Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali (try it, it's true). I love art history books filled with photographs of amazing artists. I'm fascinated with how they lived and the stylised portraits they participated in. These were artworks in themselves.

As an artist, you seem extremely passionate to promote other artists and the creative movement on the Sunshine Coast. Do you think it is an exciting time to be an artist on the coast?

I think the potential is there. I am excited by what I am seeing and it's definitely growing, but without continued support from our community for our artists, we could lose the momentum. I am just trying to do all I can to help raise awareness that there is something very cool happening and it's there for people to enjoy and immerse themselves in, if they want it.

You're famous for taking breathtaking images of the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast. Is capturing musicians and artists just more creative food for your soul or are you heading in a new direction?

I love all forms of creativity - it is food for my soul and I would never categorise myself. I'm open to everything and surrounding myself in what I love.

Your latest project has been described as an event to celebrate Arts, Music & Culture on The Sunshine Coast. What can we expect to see at this Saturday's event RIDE?

The night will kick of with He Said She Said - who are the loveliest, talented duo, doing amazing versions of some very popular songs, but also have their own repertoire of original songs. You do not want to miss them, they are on from 6pm..

Then from 8pm, The ever energetic Floating Bridges - a massive crowd pleaser, everyone will be dancing to these local favourites.

On exhibition will be my photographic artworks of Evangeline Cachinero, Artist Claire Matthews, The Floating Bridges, He Said She Said, & The Nowhere Art Group. There is also a bar and light food will be provided.

It's a great night out! We would love to see as many people turn up as possible to support these artists and art in general!

Was this event a long time in the planning?

The ideas started forming around a year ago so. With so many people involved, there was quite a bit of planning to do.

Artist - Claire Matthews shot by Tracy Naughton

Is it too late to get tickets?

No, it's not too late - you can buy them at Backbeat records in Nambour or directly through me and pick up at the door. There will be door sales on the night, but numbers are limited, so I do suggest pre buying tickets.

RIDE is on Saturday 17th March 6pm - 10pm
at Ground Zero Gallery - 80 Howard St, Nambour
Tickets $10 via Backbeat Records or contact Tracy to reserve

The angelic sound of Ayla Scanlan of He Said She Said, who will be featuring at RIDE on Saturday night

Tracy Naughton can be contacted via email at naughtys@bigpond.com​.au or find her on Facebook at Let Me Sea Artwork & Photography here

Visit the Let Me Sea Website to view more of Tracy's gorgeous work.

For more details on the talented contemporary artist Evangeline Cachinero, known as one of the top rising stars of the Australian art world, view her artwork on her website here.
For upcoming news on He Said She Said - find them on Facebook here.

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