Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Utimate Christmas Classics playlist & a reason to be thankful on the hill..

What is it about Christmas music and the old time classics that just transform life into a perfect holiday movie? A dreamy, timeless state where all you can think of doing is feeling all warm & fuzzy inside. I love Christmas music and these holiday favourites are some of the best. Even in the Tropical heat of Noosa it's a Winter Wonderland and I'll be singing Santa baby drinking French Martini's come Christmas Day.

Somehow in the sunshine of this week, everything changed when the unthinkable happened - our littlest angel Ruby Two Shoes was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Christmas was suddenly looking rather dim. The world wasn't so magical after the longest most worrying night of my life watching our baby trying to merely breathe. Our Christmas cheer was replaced by a hospital emergency department where I realised again just how precious life is.

After a rollercoaster of emotions we are all so thankful to be back home together and so grateful that Ruby is recovering well. Christmas just got even sweeter after such a scare.

This playlist is again filling the house with old Hollywood cheer. We are making wreaths and piling gifts under the tree. My family is gathering, the kids are counting down and soon these world famous tunes will be the soundtrack to our day. For my Grandmother in her mid-nineties and our little precious Ruby and to all of you - here's to everyone sharing a magical Christmas Day...

Enjoy the preparations, the anticipation and especially your loved's all a part of the spirit of Christmas and don't you just love looking around at it all and getting swept away?

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