Monday, July 4, 2011

Winter in Noosa means Strawberry Picking..

Ever since I was a child I can’t think of a more heavenly thing than endless strawberries. So what could be more wonderful than waking up to go strawberry picking? Rows and rows of dangling berries just teasing to be picked.

Winter in Noosa means Strawberry Season. Fields of gorgeous strawberries just waiting for us! How perfect to take my own little Strawberry Shortcake home to the Strawberry Farm for a heartwarming ritual of picking new berries in a field of green.

The day we set off on this magical adventure was a beautiful winters day, the sky an endless blue, warming the berries in the sunshine. The way to the farm is down a wild rambling country lane. In the car on the way a large diamond python crossed our path. A small bird on the road teased it along and we sat enthralled and wide-eyed at this unexpected safari.

Now strawberry picking has to create a much loved childhood memory but top it off with a python encounter – priceless tour guiding to say the least. A python eating a small bird? To my 10 year old Boy Scout, a golden moment but Strawberry Shortcake or Ruby Two Shoes..a different scarring kind of memory altogether. But this is a Strawberry Shortcake world of happy endings and ripe red berries so nothing would go wrong for us and luckily also for that little bird. "Look they are friends" I said – "just going for a stroll." The snake slithered away and the children bouncing in the front seat, settled back to arrive at the happiest destination in the world - The Strawberry Farm!

The happiness you feel when you first see those gorgeous fields of strawberries is overwhelming. It’s definitely a valuable commodity having a 10 year old scientist in the crew who realised statistically the area of patch less travelled and less picked! Trying to explain the concept of not eating as you go to Miss Ruby Two Shoes was a little tricky. Patience is hard for under two's! These fields haven’t been opened long and we felt like it was all just for us. We practically had the field to ourselves and it’s such a gorgeous open space.

Ruby Two shoes resembled a strawberry running joyously along lanes of strawberries. It was such a beautiful sight seeing them giggle and hunt – like the most gorgeous freshest hunt on Easter day but with the joy of knowing its nature's gorgeous fruit they will be gorging on and they will be giddy with joy not chocolate. Given a chance Ruby would roam devouring strawberries all day and then pass out happily in this patch a very happy baby!

The farm shop sells chocolate dipping sauce. Oh? I said no chocolate. Well who could say no on the happiest day in the world. For those in the mood they also sell their own award winning ice cream and a local favourite is strawberries served with fresh cream…

This weather and strawberry season – for the first time I can truthfully say - I love Winter. Strawberries & Winter Sunshine – it’s something to be looking forward to again next year!

We are going back next week and this week Eumundi Strawberry Fields are open for the picking!

We visited McMartin's Strawberry Farm. Find it at Lot 7 Sports Rd. Bli Bli

Eumundi Strawberry Farm can be found at Strawberry Lane, Eumundi

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